CMBernardini Global Customer Care

CMBernardini Global Customer Care

Do you know what distinguishes CMBernardini from other companies in the same Industry?

With the continuous evolution of technology, and the constant changes in the World Economy, it is not easy today to maintain a leading position on the market.

The reason why historical and new Customers continue to choose CMB, is deeply grounded in our traditional core value and priority of “customer care”.

CMB is not only committed to Customers’ satisfaction with its R&D department, with the study of high-tech engineering solutions or with the in-house production of equipment and plants designed and manufactured according to the real needs of its customers: what really matters to us, and what makes the difference over time, is building a relationship of real trust with our Customers. And we do this very easily, because we do really care!

This kind of “forma mentis“, means to have the ability to offer a complete and lasting service, which does not stop with the sale but, on the contrary, considers the project to be the beginning of a long-lasting Partnership of mutual satisfaction and success.

It is a reason of great pride for us to be contacted by our Customers ten or twenty years after the end of the project, to have our support and advice again.

Today, as yesterday, our mission is always the same: maximum attention and best customer care. A professional standard that continues to characterise CMBernardini’s Customer Service at International level.

Our Customer care strenghts are:


Projected into this dimension, our Customers are supported in the different phases of their business, guaranteed the success of their efforts and stimulated to improve and increase the efficiency of their plants.


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