Continuous or semi-continuous Deodorizer solution? CMBernardini has the answer

The wide portfolio of solutions offered by CMBernardini includes also the possibility to choose a semi-continuous Deodorizer unit solution as alternative to the continuous deodorizing process. A choice that allows, once again, to adopt the most suitable technology to the real needs of our Customers. In this way, CMB maintains its leading position being at the same time  a partner and a supplier of tailor-made solutions, which is one of the most appreciated characteristics of our Company.

CMBernardini offers this type of solution to all those Customers who do not work “by campaign”, i.e. managing just one product at a time. These entrepreneurs, in order to make the most of their production capacities, need more flexible systems, able to manage more types of production in an agile and functional way.

In fact, this type of processing allows their production sites to be able to operate several production changes, with a minimal production interruption required for each change of feedstock, minimizing the risk of cross- contamination between one product and another.


The main features of CMB semi-continuous deodorizer technology can be resumed as follows:


  • The technology can be used as an add-on to an existing refinery, to provide the flexibility to work on several vegetable oils with a minimal CAPEX;


  • The design is optimized to minimize the residence time inside the Semi- continuous deodorizer, as well as to have the minimum downtime when changing the feedstock;


  • The vacuum system is optimized to reduce at the minimum the steam consumption, to make this unit sustainable and OPEX friendly;


  • The semi-continuous deodorizer technology is also ideal for the production of those particular organic oils which, as a niche product, are used in perfumes and cosmetics; These are therefore oils that are sold on the market at high costs.


The possibility of opting for a semi-continuous solution is therefore a great opportunity for a wide range of companies and production activities.


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