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New acquisition: revamping for sustainability

One of the characteristics of a high-tech company such as CMBernardini is that it doesn’t limit its activities to new plants’ design and construction: our company owns the know-how to implement radical changes to existing plants and equipment. A type of activity that is increasingly important and strategically relevant, in a scenario in which circular economy and sustainability are becoming more important every day.

The latest revamping acquired, will be carried out by CMB for one of Company’s historic Customers, operating in Tunisia in the refining of vegetable oil.

This revamping will allow our Customer to optimize its production processes, while rationalizing resources and reducing consumptions. Hence, the result is a multitude of positive effects.

A target fully achieved at Company level corresponding to an essential requirement in terms of saving CO2 emissions. These advantages are also combined with those of reduced economic impact, compared to potential abatement and reconstruction of a new plant, as well as those of reduced energy use.


This job makes us proud for at least two different reasons.


  • One is the ability to maintain excellent relations with Customers who, over the decades, have continued to rely on CMBernardini. A fact that makes us particularly honored, rewarding our way of working and the enormous attention we put into Customer care, both in the pre-sale phase and, above all, after the sale.


  • Another reason for pride, is certainly the achievement of high recognition and relevance in the role of Business Partner for the technological transition to the use of increasingly sustainable plants, both from an environmental and economic point of view. Our know-how, our continuous investments in R&D and the capillarity of our activities, allow us to adapt the available technological resources, always managing to satisfy the Customer’s needs with a tailor-made method.


CMBernardini has demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate, that sustainability is a concept that can go “hand in hand” with economic benefits, through the excellence of the technological solutions offered.


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