cmbernardini glycerine plant thailand

A new top quality Glycerine production plant successfully started commercial operation in Thailand

Production has begun in the best way also for the third Glycerine distillation and refining plant designed by CMBernardini in Thailand.

This is another great success in the design and delivery of an important plant in Thailand by CMBernardini. A plant with a production capacity over 100 TPD of Pharmaceutical grade Glycerine, entirely designed and built with the most advanced technologies available in the market. And, of course, by leveraging the great engineering know-how of our Engineering team: A team made up of great specialists in our Industrial sector.

During the last years CMBernardini has consolidated his position in the Oleochemical sector, becoming a point of reference for all our Customers thanks to its optimization capacity, combining the ability to obtain a glycerine of the highest quality in terms of purity with a truly minimal waste.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative technical solutions adopted, CMBernardini is able to offer an optimized OPEX, making the plant more sustainable and financially viable, when producing Pharma Grade Glycerine.

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