Carbon Neutral Refinery Project

Carbon Neutral Refinery Project

CMB is really proud to announce its first “Carbon Neutral Refinery Project” within the current scenario of its sustainable projects.

After a severe qualification process, based on technology, sustainability and quality capabilities, CMB has been selected as official supplier for a Carbon Neutral Refinery project in northern Europe.

We are so honoured that our technical competences and expertise made the difference once again!

This special Refinery will be entirely designed and manufactured in our Headquarters in Italy and delivered in a really competitive time.

The Refinery will consist of the following main units:

  • Dry degumming & bleaching
  • Physical refinery with ice condensing system

This plant will be extremely flexible and able to process different types of oils, such as PKO, palm oil and coconut oil.

Europe is leading the transition to a carbon neutral economy, i.e. zero net emissions by 2050, and promoting a widespread and informed debate on climate and energy issues.

Embracing the green deal today, is not only necessary, but also possible and advantageous for the environment, the health and the economy.

Good for the Planet, good for your business!


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