CMB glycerol esterification new plant

CMB announced the award of a new plant in Europe

CMB is proud to announce the award of a project to design and supply a glycerol esterification plant in southern Italy.The plant, which will be equipped with CMB’s most advanced technology, will process low-grade feedstock to be fed into an existing biodiesel production complex where other CMB units are already installed. 

Our Customer’s decision to rely on CMB for this project was driven primarily by two distinctive elements:

  • The high skills of CMB’s technical and project management team, enabling them to respond quickly and optimally to all the Customer’s requirements;
  • The achievement of high Customer satisfaction in relation to previous projects delivered to the same Customer; 

Results such as these demonstrate the real importance of being able to fully satisfy Customers by being a reliable and competent business partner for them. 

Because beyond the best technologies and know-how developed by CMB, what we are very proud of is our excellent team, proactively supporting each other in order to deliver the best solutions for the common success of CMB and its Clients. 

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