CMB started up a new IIG Biodiesel distillation production plant in Europe

Over the past few weeks, CMB started up one of the largest IIG Biodiesel distillation production plant currently existing in Europe. The company – leader in Italy in the engineering of industrial plants for the Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals and Biodiesel sector – was chosen by one of the major international players in the renewable energy field to develop this project in Central Europe. The preference for CMB and its ability to combine reliability, competitiveness and technologically advanced solutions, was aimed at obtaining a state-of-the-art final product, starting exclusively from waste materials.

From the waste to the best – In a historical moment that sees biofuels increasing exponentially their appeal worldwide, it is of fundamental importance to be able to rely on technologies that allow us to obtain excellent biodiesel.

CMB designed, built, installed and started up the largest IIG Biodiesel Distillation Unit, together with Glycerine Distillation, Esterification with glycerol and Deacidification Units.

An end-to-end turnkey solution that, by optimizing the 100% of available resources, is able to totally eliminate processing residues, transforming by-products into precious raw materials from which obtaining a sustainable biofuel, in addition to the obvious and precious contribution to the environment health.

A virtuous approach, thanks to which CMB S.p.A. is able to demonstrate effectively to the business world that sustainability is a concept that concerns the company as a whole and not just the ecological sphere.

A reality that, looking to the increasingly stringent European regulations in terms of the use of fossil fuels, becomes fundamental for companies that want to remain competitive on the market while respecting the regulations.

CMB can offer end-to-end, scalable and tailor made solutions: from the design to the construction supervision, and start-up of plants best-in-class in oilseed preparation, extraction, refining, oleochemical and biodiesel. CMB always looks forward thanks to its cutting-edge R&D department.

If you want to turn your production business into a GREEN production business that optimises your business sustainability, trust CMB as a reliable partner to support your transformation!