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CMB, the way to maximize glycerine production

The production of glycerine is an important process connected to the core business of companies operating in Biodiesel production field, as well as in Oleochemical one.

However, the expertise in distilling high quality glycerine, provides a significant economic return, making the entire production process highly profitable.

A process that, for the same production costs, CMB has managed to make even more profitable, thanks to its engineering and workflow management skills.

It is well known that the technology used to obtain glycerine is now well consolidated but, exactly in these situations in which all players work on the same basis, the CMB’s R&D Dept. has been able to make the difference, combining optimization skills and care for details. In this way, CMB succeeded in obtaining a high quality end product, in terms of purity, with a very minimal waste.

Ask CMB how to reach one of the highest yields on the market, matching scalability and flexibility.

The full capacity of the CMB’s plants is well over 100 TPD, although the systems developed by the R&D team have been designed to work optimally even with considerable turndown

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative technical solutions adopted by CMB’s Engineering Dept., is now possible to expand the range of feedstocks to be used, meeting the changing needs of companies without any quality compromise on the obtained glycerine.

But what makes this process developed by CMB so innovative?

  • First of all, has been adopted an alternative saponification system, capable of increasing the purity of the product;
  • The R&D Dept., then, optimized the vacuum system, making possible to increase the yield, reducing at the same time, the effluents.
  • Moreover, the rationalization of the low pressure drop distillation phase, played a key role in this process, reducing the degradation of feedstocks/raw material during the production.

The constant development of increasingly innovative solutions has allowed CMB to offer to its Customers an optimized process which, by being inserted in a much more complex production context, allows companies to not only increase the reliability of the entire production, but also to increase its profit margins.