cmber eye

CMBer EYE: the remote assistance always with you

In a hyper-connected age, even the concepts of customer care and remote assistance have necessarily evolved and perfected. Our “CMBer EYE” remote technical assistance system finds full appreciation from Customers because it truly represents an added value to their business.

Those who have already had the opportunity to know CMBernardini, have been able to immediately understand how fundamental it is for our Company to be close to the Customers, and even more after having concluded the sale of a plant or a technology.

For CMBernardini the project does not end with the delivery or the start-up of the plant, but continues at the side of the Customer, who will find us always ready to support him whenever he feels the need.

Our after-sales concept is really inclusive. CMBernardini made a choice that allows our Customers to call us – today as they did yesterday – even after decades, feeling greater trust in our Company and our technologies.

“CMBer EYE” is the natural evolution of an approach that combines experience and technology, perfected to an almost holistic level.

Technically, if Customers require our assistance, we are able to access the system interface in a fully authorized and secure manner, wherever it may be. We only do this for as long as it takes to analyze the data, in order to provide suggestions for optimizing processes and solving specific operational criticalities.

These activities are carried out in real time, without interrupting production, and have a number of positive effects. This is why real optimization of production processes not only saves resources, but also means a higher quality of the final product and extends the life of the plant, which is used to its full potential.

All this thanks to “CMBer EYE”, which overcomes the limits linked to time and space and with them also any eventual impossibility to physically reach any place. Because CMBernardini Customers will always have us by their side, in real time.


If you’d like to know more about our system and CMBernardini’s innovative technologies, please contact us! We will be very pleased to offer you our support.