CMBernardini: a new special plant in Spain

CMBernardini: a new special plant in Spain

CM Bernardini is pleased to announce the signature of a new contract in Spain for a special plant, entirely supplied on skid, for the Glycerine concentration

A “Special Plant” designed exactly to meet the needs of the customer that aims to improve the profitability of a biodiesel plant already existent, enhancing it with a specific designed add-on unit, with two very specific targets to be achieved:

  • improvement of the quality of the glycerin obtained as a by-product;
  • optimization of the total production profitability of the entire IIG Biodiesel production plant;

A fascinating engineering challenge, that only a player with high project management skills and implementation possibilities could face.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by our Client for this project. It will be entirely manufactured in our workshop in Italy, to guarantee the top manufacturing quality, materials and Safety standards.
This accuracy of design and direct control of manufacturing can ensure to our Client the best tailor made solution for their specific application.
It proofs once again our capability to develop tailor made solutions for our Clients, in a changing and challenging market.” Said Vito Muraca, CEO of CM Bernardini International.