CMBernardini at the VI International Conference “OILSEED INDUSTRY. Oils and Fats”

We are extremely happy to announce that CMBernardini will be the protagonist at the VI International Conference “OILSEED INDUSTRY. Oils and Fats” to be held in Russia, at Saint Petersburg, at Park Inn Radisson Pribaltiyskaya from 20.10.21  to 21.10.21. In addition to being present with our delegation, we will also have the opportunity to talk about our cutting-edge technologies during a speech given by Stefano Coccato, General Manager of CMBernardini. On 21 October at 6.00 pm, in his speech entitled “By-products valorization and waste materials treatment”, our General Manager Stefano Coccato will address a topic that is currently of great interest all over the world.

CMBernardini will focus the attention on the valorization of the by -product and treatment of the waste material.

Our technology can make our Client’s plants more sustainable, introducing them to a full circular economy in which all the by-products and waste are converted into new products for the generation of IIG Biofuels.

With the current focus of the EU community on boosting the IIG Biofuels, CMBernardini is standing besides its Clients to support them for these new market opportunities.

In fact, by exploiting technologies such as those offered by CMBernardini, it is possible not only to avoid disposal costs of these by-products, but even to exploit them for the production of highly profitable products such as glycerin or biodiesel.


Visitors will have the opportunity to understand how CMBernardini is at the forefront as regards the optimization of processes, production flexibility and the transformation of what until a few years ago were considered production waste while now they are a great resource for companies in the oils and fats sector.


We will wait for you at our stand to offer you all the information about these processes, as well as about our new solutions for Seed Preparation, Solvent Extraction, Oil  Refinery  and Oleochemical technologies.