pilot plant extraction of essential oils CMBernardini

CMBernardini, new pilot plant for extraction of essential oils

In collaboration with one of our most important Customers, we have designed and manufactured a pilot plant for the extraction of essential oils.

These kind of oils can be used for multiple purposes, not only in cosmetics but also in the high quality food sector.

The plant is totally self-sufficient and processes about 300 kg of seeds per day, guaranteeing all the advantages of a facility of this type, which CMBernardini is able to offer within an end-to-end R&D offer.

In particular, pilot plants such as the one above mentioned, allow to carry out a real field test, replicating in every aspect all the characteristics of industrial production. After the analysis phase, is in fact possible to launch the industrial production with a rapid scale-up.

One of the distinctive features of CMB is the ability to offer customers a complete supply chain. Within this frame, R&D is not a “stand alone” entity, but constantly interfaces with the development of tailor-made processes developed by the Engineering Team, that really tend to respond to objective customer needs.

A complete offer model that makes consultancy a fundamental part of CMB’s activity, in which we start from the formulation and the development of just an idea or a need of our Clients and we then finish with the realization of the project, lining up all the following steps:


– Initial consultation

– preliminary design

– Laboratory testing for validation of the preliminary design

– Construction of a pilot plant

– Scale-up and start of industrial production


Not many companies in the Oil&Fats and oleochemical sector are able to manage all the steps themselves. It often happens that a company reaches the laboratory tests, or that it only carries out the final realization, with all predictable problems of involving different players in the same project. A project that will almost certainly undergo variations and implementations, with a final result that often differs from what was expected.

CMBernardini has the ability to offer state of the art technologies and know-how and, above all, functional competences to the activity, following the entire project end-to-end with the possibility of involving an advanced research network, which also boasts collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes. The final result is the ability to offer cutting-edge solutions typical of the academic field but with the concreteness, feasibility and reliability typical of an industrial environment.

CMBernardini business model offers the following advantages:


– Advanced plant customization

– Linear development with no risk of inaccuracies

– Reliable timing

– Competitiveness of the economic offer

– Industrial size of the project and possibility of immediate scale-up


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