CMB soapstock splitting tech challenges the waste of water and by-products

Soapstock splitting is a consolidated technology in the oleochemical sector but, precisely for this reason, it allows for differentiation based on the ability to engineer and optimize the plants.

Also during the recent international conference held in St. Petersburg, our General Manager Stefano Coccato explained why the technology offered by CMB is proving to be efficient and convenient. Fully inserted in a concept of circular economy, CMB soapstock splitting systems allow companies in the Oils & Fats sector to make the most of their by-products by transforming them into acid oils.

Acid oils, as we know, are today extremely wanted for the production of second generation biodiesel and glycerine. Two high-level, high-profitability products that make it possible to maximize the by-products from an economic point of view, while optimizing the concept of circular economy and environmental sustainability which cannot be ignored by now.

However, the production of acid oils generally has a disadvantage: the production of acidic water, which by its nature cannot be reintroduced into the environment as it is highly polluting.

CMB, also from this point of view, offers a technological solution that transforms a critical issue into a sustainable and even advantageous opportunity. A system for removing sulphates from waste water that not only makes it harmless to the environment again, but also allows its reuse, effectively reducing its consumption.

Our system can be easily installed as an add-on to soapstock splitting systems, both made by CMB or already existing.


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