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CMBernardini turn-key projects: the process behind a successful business

CMBernardini has worked for years to be able today to offer truly turn-key projects, to be executed smoothly, for the complete satisfaction of the Customer.

We have achieved this by combining the know-how of the R&D department with the design execution capability that leads to that real “ready-to-go”.

At the heart of it all is a concept of absolute quality. Quality in engineering choices, quality of the people involved in the process, quality of technologies and processes, with the highest attention to design and executive details.


What are the essential foundations of CMBernardini’s turn-key design?


  • Know-how and R&D
  • Efficient and effective organization
  • Engineering development up to the highest level of detail
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies
  • Controlled and reliable supply chain
  • Trained and specialized site personnel at the Customer’s disposal


The many years of experience of the CMBernardini Team, the result of a long presence as market leader, is the basis on which the efficient modern and digital organization of the structure has been built and constantly improved. A combination that guarantees the most advanced design, controlled by the most up-to-date technology, to really follow the Customer from the beginning to the completion of the project.


The advantages that characterize a real turn-key project are:

  • Optimization of project schedule;
  • Guarantee of compliance with the prescriptions and design requirements indicated by the engineering supplier, in the subsequent phases of purchase, production, assembly and construction;
  • Less plant downtime and maintenance: universal cost factors for the Entrepreneur – often with a considerable weight on the overall budget management – whose minimalization translates into GREATER EARNINGS for the entire life of the plant.


Our customers have already discovered the value of the right partner for their business, with CMBernardini’s turn-key solution which guarantees the start-up of the plant on time and the total success of the investment.

Among the most recent examples of these CMBernardini turn-key projects, one of the most interesting is the largest Biodiesel Distillation plant in Italy, recently built in Puglia. The Customer chose CMBernardini for this important project, motivated by confidence in our ability and competence to provide this kind of solutions.


If you are interested in a “worry-free” turn-key investment, contact us!

We will be happy to give you all the information and support you may need!