CMB’s technology combat desertification and drought

The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is a very special event for CMB.
As we all know, the consequences of climate change we are now experiencing, began in the 19th century with human activities involving the burning of fossil fuels, which produce gases and retain heat.

The problem then impacts both the environmental and ethical spheres, because we can no longer do without these energy sources to produce, to move around and to enjoy many modern comforts.

But what CMB, as technology provider, can do for a more sustainable world?

This is the challenge aiming CMB, asking itself every day what we can do to reduce – if not annihilate – our environmental impact.

In fact, the concept of ‘sustainability’, which is at the heart of our design philosophy, allows us to reduce the consumption of our plants and optimise yields, while at the same time improving the business of our Customers who can save high plant operating costs.

 Years of work by our R&D department have enabled us to develop such a high level of know-how and quality in design and construction, that we are able to include really sustainable plants, such as solvent extraction ‘zero effluent’, in our standard.

In fact, our ‘green’ technologies major purpose is to optimise natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce and precious due to the effects of climate change.

CMB plants save energy by reducing pollution and costs:

– by reusing waste water within the same plant whenever possible;

– by increasing the range of low-quality raw materials to be transformed into IIG biodiesel;

– by increasing the yield of the plants, to obtain more products from the same quantity of raw material and minimizing the wastes;

– by bringing old generation plants back to efficiency through revamping, making them competitive and profitable again; 

…and in many others different ways, because CMB cares… and you?

Contact us and find out how to make your business sustainable!