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CMBernardini: new Fatty Acids Dry – Fractionation Plant in South Korea

CMBernardini recently completed successfully the commissioning of an important tailor-made Fatty Acids Dry – Fractionation Plant in Asia

The challenge this time has been obtaining the best efficiency of the system, through the study and the design of a customized special crystalliser, working with a very low temperature difference between fatty acids and cooling medium thus allowing a more homogeneous crystal distribution.
The raw material to be treated was “distilled tallow fatty acids”. The filtration and squeezing sequences have been optimised with membrane filters, giving a product with high concentration of oleic acid in the liquid phase.

Fractionation Plant: the key points of our Technology can be resumed as follows:

  • Improved crystallization in our Client’s plants;
  • High yields;
  • high fractionation quality with excellent levels of “iodine values”;
  • High flexibility of the technology, to adapt to different feedstocks;

Another important achievement reached thanks to our strong R&D department and technical Team, to be added to the CMBernardini references.
Once again CMBernardini confirms its Top Level Engineering Services quality and the leadership as major player in the Oils & Fats, Biodiesel and Oleochemical Industry.