Fatty acids dry fractionation: adding value to products on the way of green chemistry

As we all already know, “Green Chemistry”, with all related products, is now an internationally recognized expanding market. 

This ‘green stream’, strictly connected to Circular Economy, is indeed viewed with great and increasing interest by investors from all around the World, who prefer to combine their business with environmental care and sustainability.  

The Fatty Acids dry fractionation process is an excellent way to add value to long-chain-fatty-acids, and many advantages have been discovered both for the Planet and for the present and future Industry. 

CMB S.p.A. can be a great ally and partner in the development of this type of plant.  

Thanks to the intensive research and development work carried out by the CMB R&D team – in fact – excellent results have been achieved with running plants having the following main characteristics: 

  • The Crystallizers are designed with optimized cooling system. This cooling system allows uniform heat transfer and constant gentle mixing, making the process more controllable. 
  • The cooling media temperature varies according to the crystallization phase and oil/fat temperature. Low and constant delta T between cooling media and oil/fat helps to keep a low heat transfer and correct growing speed of crystals. 
  • Variable filter squeezing pressure the obtain higher yields, while increasing the life of filter’s membranes. 

CMB S.p.A. supports its Customers to ensure that this important investment becomes a successful project, by customising the design and construction of the plant, built on the Customer’s real needs and to maximise earnings while respecting the environment. 

Contact us to learn more! Let’s build your green business together!