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Marseglia Group: A plant for even greener biodiesel

CMBernardini, Italian leader in Oils & Fats production technologies, will allow the player to produce even greener Biodiesel starting from by-products, with zero processing residues.

The Marseglia Group is a historic Italian producer, one of the most important national companies in the renewable energy field, matching all EU rules in terms of green new deal. That is the plan to make EU’s economy sustainable, turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities and becoming climate neutral by 2050 including the decarbonization of the energy sector among key topics. For over 40 years, the Marseglia Group has adopted a company policy aimed at obtaining green energy, in strict respect for the environment and with a great commitment both in terms of R&D and the production of energy through plants powered by renewable sources.

After careful evaluation, the Marseglia Group has chosen CMBernardini as a partner for the implementation of a green upgrade of its biodiesel production center located in Monopoli, Puglia.
The Marseglia Group decided to choose CMBernardini services because the company needed to implement existing systems with a really sustainable and turnkey solution according to EU high level of expectations in terms of green new deal. And this is the reason why the Group decided to choose the high technology level of CMBernardini’s solutions. Their requests were not trivial since, in addition to needing a technically excellent and tailor-made production system, they needed to further raise their potential in a green way. According with the Marseglia Group, CMBernardini has been able to provide them with a plant that was exactly in line with their high expectations in terms of EU green new deal, as well as all the services connected to the construction.

In the other hand, the management of CMBernardini express all its proudness because their know-how has made the difference in the choice made by an important company such as the Marseglia Group, deeply involved in the green economy. It is important to highlight that this project is extremely important as, once completed, the new biodiesel plant will use by-products as a starting point. This means that the customer will be able to optimize its resources, conveying all the processing residues of the other plants to the one built by CMBernardini, which will transform potential waste into green resources, destined to be transformed into biodiesel. A significant step forward both from the point of view of environmental sustainability and from that of economic sustainability.
The strength of CMBernardini lies in offering tailor made solutions using hi-end materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, its reliability as a partner is testified by the ability to support the customer with punctuality and precision not only during the construction phase but also during maintenance and assistance.

The choice of the Marseglia Group represents a strategically significant investment, which reaffirms its great attention to the direction in which the green economy is moving, but at the same time consolidates its position at the top of the Italian biodiesel production market. A leadership that CMBernardini is definitely proud to support, supporting a partner with an enlightened vision who has chosen a state-of-the-art production system, destined to find great approval from the whole environment of the green economy and from players looking for eco-sustainable solutions.