R&D – the fastest way to the Industry’s future

We’re proud to share with you our article on how to use the solvent extraction technology to recover oil from spent Bleaching Earths, published on OFI June 2021 edition. You can read the article by clicking here.

This article is based on some of the R&D activities developed by CMBernardini Team during the last years.

The role of R&D in Oils & Fats, Biodiesel and Oleochemical industry is fundamental because it is only through the study and experimentation of materials, techniques and technologies that it is possible to contribute to the growth of an industrial sector.

CMBernardini has always firmly believed in this concept of evolution, strongly linked to Research and Development. This is why the CMBernardini R&D department is one of the company’s excellences, a key sector in which we’re constantly investing. A winning corporate mentality that has allowed, over the years, to develop some of the Company’s most important production solutions.

For CMBernardini, R&D is strongly connected not only to technology, but also to constant training of the team. Continue updating and improvement of know-how guarantees Customers the CMBernardini’s proactivity leads to the design, engineering and construction of smart solutions as answer to our Customers issues.

The ability to innovate and improve the performance of plants is the results of matching of know-how and the use of the best quality materials with the most advanced technologies.

Another key feature of CMBernardini’s success is the great closeness to Customers and the understanding of their needs. This is the milestone from which CMBernardini R&D department starts developing technologies and solutions with real industrial applications and results.

A constant growth that has allowed us to have the pleasure and honor of contributing by writing an article for one the most important magazines in the Oils & Fats sector, international, leading magazine and reference point for the World-wide Industry.


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