CMBernardini redundant system


CMBernardini once again confirms its focus on the quality of the products and services offered to its Customers, using the top of the range technology available on the market, which best suits the real needs of the plants and their Owners.
For its customers, CMBernardini wants to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in all aspects of production automation and applications for medium and high-end plants, which are notoriously demanding in terms of performance, communication, flexibility and technology.
An example of this can also be seen in the latest redundant system recently delivered to a Customer plant in Southern Italy: in the redundant system, the CPUs, data cables and individual pumps are dual, i.e. redundant. The two CPUs process the same project data and the same user program in parallel, synchronized via two redundancy links. If one CPU fails, the second CPU remains in control of the process, without losing production or project data. After replacing the faulty CPU, the redundant system automatically synchronizes the project data with the user program in the new CPU. If a cable or pump is damaged, the system continues to operate, signaling the fault. This solution saves service time and downtime costs.

This type of “fail-safe” solution allows us to protect our Customers by reducing the probability of production stoppages to practically zero, thanks to the parallel operation of the two systems.
Safety, reliability and availability of the plant are fundamental elements for the satisfaction of our customers and CMBernardini never fails to meet their expectations.
Find out what your plant can do better, by trusting CMBernardini advice!