Removing Sulphates from soapstock splitting effluent water: the green solution for purification & re-use

Discover with CMBernardini an efficient and convenient solution to one of the major problems affecting Oils & Fats Manufacturers’ productivity and production costs.

Our system, developed to meet the more stringent requirements of sulphates in the effluent water, can be easily installed as an add-on of existing soapstock splitting plants

Here below are indicated some typical values of the effluent water before and after our treatment unit


Type Neutralised water from soapstock spitting
Sulphates content 10-15%
pH 7 approx.
COD 20-40.000


Type Salt
Water content 10% approx
Type Water
Sulphates content 10 ppm max
COD 300 max

As shown above the final products obtained from our process shall be:

    • Distilled treated water with C.O.D < 300 (or even lower, depending on our Client’s requirements), useful to be used as make up to evaporation towers, or other uses;
    • Sodium sulphate deca-hydrate, useful for fertilizer production;

The new plant proposed by CMbernardini shall be easy to install, simple to use and very effective in terms of water treatment

If you are interested in this CMBernardini Technology, contact us, we will be happy to tell you more