VR Technology

Stress-free plant design: is it possible?

Clients’ SATISFACTION depends on only one thing: THE SUCCESS OF THE PROJECT.

VR Technology is at CMB service for the Oils & Fats plants engineering, reducing the possibility of error towards zero.

Before the plant start-up, it is necessary to carry out a series of very in-depth inspections and tests, to make sure that everything has been designed and built to perfection. This innovative procedure allows CMB to avoid the waste of time and money of all involved Parties.

With VR-based Technology, CMB reduces the average chance of error by more than 70%, using the time saved for inspection and testing (which corresponds to about 2/3 of conventional time for these activities) to multiply controls.

CMB’s Engineering Team – in cooperation with the Client – can literally travel inside the plant’ structures and equipment, verifying interactively the whole design during the preliminary phase but especially before the construction. Every project member can comment and actively participate to the virtual analysis.

This additional sensitivity to the satisfaction and confidence of its Clients, makes CMB even more reliable than other competitors, doing “apparently” the same activities, but with different performances.

If you are interested in investing on your own plant, without throwing away your time and money, contact us to know more.