The importance of CMB training on the job on-site to customers’ personnel

A fundamental step in getting the most from the proposed technology, is to get CMB training on the job for the Customer’s site Personnel.

This educational activity, often under evaluated, is actually of great importance because it allows Clients’ Technicians to “efficiently” manage the plant.

Although, site Technicians are skilled and experienced people, it is important to share with them key-parameters and design criteria, of the new technology.

Running a plant in an efficient way, means taking advantage of:

  • optimisation of consumptions;
  • better quality of products;
  • higher profitability;

Receiving explanations on start-up, shut-down and Plant management procedures, means extending the life of machines and therefore also the productivity of the site itself.

CMB includes this fundamental aspect within the Project services package, especially to enable our Customers to profit as much as possible from the plant.

Our training is developed in two stages:

  1. Theoretical part in the classroom: with explanations, examples and technical discussions on ordinary and critical operational cases;
  2. Practical part on site: with on-the-job training by one of our appointed Technicians who, working together with Clients’ plant Operators, will illustrate the proper operational procedures.

Moreover, the training offered by CMB does not end with the hand-over at the start-up of the plant:

  • CMB remains at the Customer’s disposal at any time to repeat the training, should it be necessary;
  • CMB remains at the customer’s disposal to remotely resolve any critical issues, should it be not possible to overcome them on site.


If you’re looking for a Partner who can provide ‘all-round’ support to make your business fly, contact CMB and we will be glad to help you!