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Ultra Neutralizing: higher efficiency & losses reduction

One of the more common problems faced by our Customers involved in Preparation & Extraction processes, is to stabilize crude oil quality in storage after the extraction.
The presence of FFA and impurities – depending above all on seed’s quality – is largely responsible for the reduction of this stability and it cannot be correctly controlled by a standard extraction plant.

CMBernardini easy solution to this problem is to add a new process unit to existing or new standard extraction plants, with some important modifications leading to amazing results.
This process has been already implemented on industrial plants, giving excellent results on the purification of the extracted oil, making it at the same time more stable and also easier to be further refined.

With CMBernardini Ultra Neutralizing technology it is possible to significantly increase the refining process yield, lowering the product neutralization index.

Beside the higher performances of this process, it is worth bearing in mind the economic returns and advantages of this technology application on high FFA oils, which allows our Customers to reach more that +18% of added value on processed product market value with an economic return of more than +6,2%.

If you’d like to discover more, ask us! CMBernardini’s Technical Specialists will be glad to give you all desired information.