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VR Tech for Oils & Fats engineering

CMBernardini VR, cutting-edge technology at the service of Oils & Fats engineering

What does virtual reality have to do with Oils & Fats refining and biodiesel production plants? Let’s start with a fact: before starting the activity of a refining plant, it is necessary to carry out a series of in-depth inspections and tests, to make sure that everything has been designed and built to perfection. If something, as it sometimes happens, does not work, it is necessary to understand, modify, replace, repair. And all this, in addition to being a waste of money and time, makes the customer dissatisfied. For tailor made systems and plants, the risk of making mistakes increases significantly.

That’s the reason why CMBernardini has adopted a VR-based technology, that reduces the possibility of errors by over 70%, allowing to carry out all those in-depth inspections and tests long before even a single pipe has been built.

A system that has revolutionized not only the approach to design but also the commercial one, with the possibility of involving the customer from the very beginning. This means cutting down pre-commissioning costs, exponentially improving the customer’s experience because the customer can also take part in the design phase, asking for adding or deleting elements of the structure. Decisions that can only be made by really seeing with your own eyes what will be built, through VR.

Thanks to the combination of dedicated software and high-tech instrumentation, CMBernardini engineers can literally travel inside pipes, electrical system, metal structures and tanks, verifying that every single piece is assembled exactly in the correct way. The ability to view on a screen all the navigator’s interactions with the system, allows customers and other team members to comment and participate in the inspection. In addition, VR technology is accompanied by elements of augmented reality, which make the analysis and verification experience even more in-depth. For example, during the analysis of a pipe it is possible to know every data including dimensions and materials of which it is made.

In the same way it is possible, for example, to evaluate the real spaces of the structure in order to carry out maintenance operations, a fundamental issue for customers.

Translated in numbers, all those analysis, inspections and tests that required 3-4 days of work, now take only one. This means that CMBernardini has been able to maintain the same amount of time dedicated to the control, but by multiplying the inspections, which are now carried out at each stage of the design.

The result is that the possibility of error tends even more towards zero, at the same time reducing the waste of material (a pipe made with the wrong shape must necessarily be replaced and thrown away).

This also means that, in the largest part of cases, using its VR and AR technologies CMBernardini is able to respect timings and costs agreed with the customer for the construction of tailor-made refining plants and biodiesel production systems, with real savings both in economic terms and as regards engineering services.