A new low grade feedstocks esterification plant awarded to CMBernardini in Italy

In Italy another Top Company, active in the sector of low grade feedstocks, has recently awarded to CMBernardini an EP Contract to provide our cutting-edge Glycerolysis plant.

The goal of this new project is to transform their wide range of low-grade feedstocks into IIGBiodiesel and other applications, to be part of circular economy and resources optimization.

This new project shall be entirely engineered and manufactured in our HQ in Italy using, as usual for CMBernardini, top-level materials and technologies.

The delivery of the project to our Client is scheduled within  this year 2021.

This new acquisition confirms once again the leadership of CMBernardini in Italy and in Europe, where several projects have been already awarded to CMBernardini in the first months of this year.

CMBernardini continues its activity, growing in the context of the circular economy, attracting more and more high-level Partners thanks to the ability to combine state-of-the-art technologies, maximum production efficiency and end-to-end Customer assistance. From the preventive analysis to the design, up to the construction phase and, above all, to the continuous after-sales presence of our company.

A combination of profitability and sustainability that leads the company to attract both an increasing number of green-oriented top players and historical customers who want to implement and improve their plants that have sometimes been operating for decades.


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