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CMBer: a new Basic Engineering Package for a leading company in Northern Italy

CMBer is developing a new Basic Engineering Package (BEP), in Italy, one of the countries that have contributed most to our business growth at European level this year. The new request came from one of the Top Companies in Italy for the Oil&Fats, which asked to CMBer a new BEP to valorize their by-product to become a feedstock for the IIG Biodiesel The Basic Engineering Package proposed by CMBernardini includes:…

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CMBernardini: the challenge of biofuels

The famous 20 20 20 plan, promoted by the European Union after the Kyoto protocol, provided for a reduction of CO2 emissions by 20%, an increase in the use of energy from renewable sources by 20% and a reduction in energy requirements by 20%. All this by 2020. The benchmark for the values was the year 1990 and, even if emissions and renewables met those objectives, the current global scenarios…

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CMBernardini: top projects with top players in IIG Biofuels start from feasibility studies

CMBernardini is working to present two feasibility studies for very important Customers wishing to obtain feedstock to power IIG Biodiesel production plants in Western Europe. An extremely delicate and fundamental phase, which requires the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as those owned by CMBernardini, aimed at the development and design of strategically relevant solutions for the Customers. Thanks to the combination of many years of experience and top-level know-how, CMBernardini…

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Turnkey IIG Biodiesel distillation plant project ongoing

The construction of the largest biodiesel distillation plant in Italy continues unabated. It’s the result of a project totally designed and made by CMBernardini in Italy. A structure that is rapidly taking shape and will soon be able to start its own production activity. Made for a leading group in the biofuels sector in Italy, it is a turnkey and tailor-made project, the result of the work of CMBernardini designers…

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A new low grade feedstocks esterification plant awarded to CMBernardini in Italy

In Italy another Top Company, active in the sector of low grade feedstocks, has recently awarded to CMBernardini an EP Contract to provide our cutting-edge Glycerolysis plant. The goal of this new project is to transform their wide range of low-grade feedstocks into IIGBiodiesel and other applications, to be part of circular economy and resources optimization. This new project shall be entirely engineered and manufactured in our HQ in Italy using,…

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IIGBiodiesel: a new end-to-end production plant in Western Europe

It’s going to begin the second step of a CMBernardini project for the construction of a IIGBiodiesel plant. The first step was the realization of a pre-engineering study carried out by CMBernardini on behalf of the customer, in order to verify that there were all the conditions to proceed with the development of a project that could meet the Customer's needs. Once the preliminary analysis phase has been completed, the…

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