CMB Ultra Neutralizing Technology: higher efficiency & losses reduction leading to economic returns and advantages

In these days one of our ultra-neutralizing plants has been successfully started up in Morocco, and we’re glad to share our Client ‘satisfaction.

The proposed Unit was designed to solve one of the more common problems faced still today by our Customers, involved in Preparation & Extraction processes.

Actually, one of the critical issues that has the most impact on the production, is to stabilize crude oil quality in storage after the extraction: the presence of FFA and impurities – depending above all on seed’s quality – is largely responsible for the reduction of this stability and it cannot be correctly controlled by a standard extraction plant.

CMB found an easy solution to this problem, obtaining amazing results.

The installed technology is based on the insertion of a Neutralizing Unit in the solvent extraction plant.

The advantages of this technology are:

  • The obtained soapstock is usually sent to the desolventizer and re-used as biomass or meal, but it can also be split up and re-used as acid oil;
  • The neutralization loss is reduced from about 1.35 x Wesson Loss (WL) to less than 1.1 x Wesson Loss (WL);​
  • The Neutralizing Unit can be applied on both old and new generation plants as easy add-on;​
  • The obtaining of better quality final product;

With CMB Ultra Neutralizing technology it is possible to significantly increase the refining process yield, lowering the product neutralization index.

If you’d like to discover more, ask us! CMB’s Technologists will be glad to give you all desired information.